“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”

Fixed Price Model

“I know what I need from my technology partner. Its just that I don’t have resources or the time to get into it”.
When the scope of the project is well defined and the work-breakdown structure is clearly spelt out; all you need is a good developer to code the solution you’ve architected. A Fixed Priced model is an arrangement where the pricing is arrived by agreeing on the cost per hour time after estimating the time taken to complete the project.
Some of the Fixed Priced projects basis typically are as follows:
1.CMS Projects
2.E-commerce Integrations

Hourly Pricing Model

“I am facing a resource crunch, therefore I need a competent resource who can assist me or my team”.
This is a perfect model, if you want to get things done but falling short of resources or someone’s left the team and you quickly needed someone to fill in.
Usually, an Hourly Priced Model suits well for companies who need to quickly augment their team without needing to look at the lead time for bringing a resource to their team. Somebody who join the team from the get-go
This are typically for projects where it doesn’t make sense to hire a permanent employee which creates additional overhead costs.

Outcome based Model

“We have a system which has a lot of parts but surely can lever technology to make it under a single system however it all looks quite complicated”.
We can get a business consultant to get see under the hood of your business and put it through the scope of Analytics. This consultant isn’t restricted to help you deliver on strategy alone but to recommend on solutions to achieve your financial goals. We increase our accountablity to these recommendations by tying a portion of our payments to the delivery of the agreed outcomes..

This model works well when the company has identified the cost drain and needs to specifically plug it.