Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision without Execution is Delusion

Our Vision

“We want to be the preferred choice of Outsourcing partner for PHP Technologies”

We don’t attempt to do everything on the web, rather we focus on only one thing i.e. PHP to deliver a secure and intuitive design that helps you drive the conversion and achieve your business objectives.

We are high on functionality rather complying to a fad or trend which doesn’t take you nearer to your business goals.

Therefore, at times we also say NO, and its just the way we are, if we aren’t strongly convinced.

We hold our Vision, Mission and Values very close to us. We would like to share them for you to guage if we are a mutual fit to your business.

Our Values

“What offers Focus admist Chaos is our set of Values”

  1. Transparency

    All our communication with our team-members and clients are guided by the need to be honest and transparent. We are encouraged to say NO if we don’t KNOW.

  2. Autonomy

    All our team-members are granted a level of discretion and independence to schedule their work and determine how it is to be done.

  3. Ownership

    We pride in taking full responsibility of our decision; employees are encouraged to think of themselves as self-employed suppliers of services.

  4. Passion

    We do whatever it takes to delight a customer.

  1. Integrity

    We will always strive to build effective interpersonal relationships and trust with our team-members and clients alike, by acting in honor and truthfulness

  2. Can-Do Attitude

    Whilst having the freedom to fail, we encourage employees to build a positive expectancy over their decision to achieve more for themselves personally and professionally.

Our Goal

Clients – Striving on building a transformational relationship rather than a transactional relationship with our clients


Employees – Be an Employer of Choice for PHP Developers

PHP Consulting Partner